When Life Gets Disrupted

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Every person goes through each day with an idea of how it is going to unfold.  They know the work they are trying to accomplish, and they know the direction they are trying to move towards.  But life does not always work according to our plans.  It doesn’t take much for our lives to be disrupted.

In the past week, I have had several projects not go according to plan.  In my own sphere of relationships, I have become aware of several others who have experienced the same thing in their workplace.  I am friends with a man whose wife passed away suddenly, and am aware of a child who also suddenly died.  Other people have encountered life changing news regarding their health or relationships.

Maybe you have had your own life disrupted in some way.

The Greatest Disruption

I believe the greatest disruption in life can be found in Ephesians 2:1-5.  The Bible describes us as dead people – you may have a pulse, a family, and a job but we all start life as spiritually dead.  I love the start of verse 4 – “but God”!  God enters into our dead lives and by the great love He has for us He makes us alive with Christ.  People being raised from spiritual death to life – now that’s a disruption!

This one disruption in life puts every other disruption in perspective.  We know who is stronger than every circumstance – the one who is stronger than death.  We know He is with us, and so we have peace.  When we keep our mind focused on how great He is, disruptions may hurt but they don’t need to overwhelm us.

I have also discovered this truth – the painful disruption of today may lead to a greater story unfolding tomorrow.  The most painful disruptions of my life were God preparing me for a greater purpose or opportunity in the future.  It is so difficult to see this when we are in the middle of the pain, and that is where trusting the character of God matters.

In Psalm 78:52-54 we see the summary of how God walked with the children of Israel from slavery to their place of rest.  Look at the words used to describe God’s activity – He leadsguides, leads in safety, brings them to his holy territory.   This same God has set you free from slavery to sin.  His character never changes and you can trust Him to walk with you through your disruptions.

Just a Thought

I want to invite men reading this to attend a Promise Keepers Canada Men’s Conference this year.  Our theme is “Disruptive”.  I really believe we are living in disruptive times where life feels like it is spinning faster than ever.  Many of us are living on the edge or know someone who is.

This is an opportunity to disrupt your own regular schedule and carve out time to hear from God.  These conferences will help you encounter once again the disruptive grace of God in your own life.    You will also learn to be a godly disruptor in the world you live in.  The early disciples were called “those who are turning the world upside down.”  Our families, churches, workplaces and communities need to encounter the disruptive grace and the power of God.  The mission of Jesus calls us to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  You can be one of thousands of men across Canada who desire a true life of significance.  Join me in this journey.

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