The Biggest Blindspot for Leaders

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Leaders in ministry to men are most often very committed volunteers.  They want to see good things for the men in their church and community, and they work hard to get there.  However, I have seen these faithful men have one consistent blind spot that hinders their potential impact in ministry.

The following video from Promise Keepers Canada is part of our Blueprint Leader Tips series.  These videos are emailed every two months to men who have taken the Blueprint Leadership Training.

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  1. Kirk, thank you for this message! I know, from personal experiences, both good and bad, how easy it is to become blinded to the bigger picture of Godly leadership. I have participated in 12 step programs thinking “the guys will help fix me” and I failed because I was getting my own needs met, at the expense of healing and growth for the other men! My attitude is changing, the bigger picture is becoming clearer, and God has made it very clear that it works so much better when I seek His wisdom and direction at the beginning. Keep up the good work Kirk – Promise Keepers is making a difference in the lives of men.

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