Technology: Friend or Enemy to Your Relationships?

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As information and technology increases, it will have an ever-greater impact on our relationships, including sexual intimacy. Often we focus on the evil that can happen in this digital age, but what if we were to think strategically about how to use technology.  What if we could use technology to build life into our relationships instead of death?
Technology is ultimately what you make of it. You can use it to the detriment of your soul, or you can use it as a tool to strengthen your life. 
Please understand, I am not in any way endorsing you and your wife using pornography to enhance your sexual intimacy. When you do this, you are simply lusting after another person you see in the pornography, and your spouse becomes an outlet for your own sexual satisfaction. That’s not love, and it’s not true intimacy.
The digital age has helped me have positive conversations with my children about temptations, and God’s desire for us to have true life. My wife and I use texting to stay connected with each other throughout the day. FaceTime has been an incredible tool to stay connected while I am on the road traveling.  There are numerous other examples of how access to technology has aided our relationships.
In this edition of SEVEN, we explore Sex in a Digital Age. I encourage you to be on guard from those elements that seek to do you harm, and use the elements that can help you draw closer to God and your spouse. The devil is your enemy—not the digital age.
This article first appeared in the July-August 2018 edition of SEVEN Magazine from Promise Keepers Canada.  

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