Five Ways to Share Hope This Easter

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It is time for some hope in the chaos and bad news of COVID-19.  When I talk to people who are Christians, I consistently hear about the people around them who are in a panic right now. There are people around you who need hope, and it will not be found in the money coming from the government.  Here are five ways to share hope this Easter.

1. Talk About Hope

In 1 Peter 3:15, we are taught to always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.  You don’t have hope because you have a naturally positive attitude, you have it because of Jesus.  When you are interacting with people who are in a panic, this is your opportunity to tell them why you have hope.  Jesus is our anchor for hope.  With Jesus, this present moment is not the end of the story.

2. Sidewalk Chalk

My wife and I go for walks every day, and we have seen an incredible amount of sidewalk chalk.  One woman has been using chalk to write messages of hope for people who walk by.  Imagine getting your whole family involved to write down Bible verses of hope or encouraging words like: “We are praying for you.” 

3. Prayer Walk

I have seen a few people who have written or typed up a letter to their neighbors to introduce themselves.  In the letter, they offer aid to anyone in need and let them know they are praying for them during these challenging days.   They walk around the neighborhood and drop the letters in mailboxes.  As you go for a walk, take the time to pray for God to show himself to your neighbors.

4. Invite Them to Church

Your church is likely online, and this coming weekend is a huge opportunity to share a story of hope with the world.  This is our story as believers and followers of Jesus.  The death and resurrection of Jesus is where our hope is found.  If your church service is on Facebook, learn how to start a Watch Party and invite your friends to watch with you.  Email friends or post on social media and share the website where people can find your Easter services.

5. Host a Zoom or Facebook Conversation

If any of your friends participated in a Watch Party, then follow up and ask them if they have any spiritual questions. Let them know you would love to share more about how Jesus changes our stories.  You could interact with a Zoom meeting or having private discussions on Facebook, Messenger, or go old school and call them.

Whatever we do this Easter, let’s be a people who share hope!

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