Resurrecting Religion

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“We don’t believe in religion, we believe in a relationship.”  Have you ever heard a Christian say this?  I know I have said it before.  There’s one big problem with this kind of thinking – it’s not biblical.  Religion is not the problem.  What we have done to religion is where the problem exists.  In James 1:27, the Bible teaches us there is an expression of pure and undefiled religion.

Greg Paul is the authour of Resurrecting Religion:  Finding our Way Back to the Good News.  

There’s lots of bad religion out there. The answer isn’t no religion, it’s true religion: living out―publicly and communally―what we say we believe privately and individually. True religion puts flesh on the bones of faith. Resurrecting Religion offers an inspiring, stretching vision for finding our way back to the good news of our faith.

At a time when most people practice their faith in the extremes―either extremely publicly, with a legalistic, combative tone that creates division, or extremely privately, to the point that our faith becomes functionally irrelevant― Greg offers a vision for religion that is good for us and good for the world.

I had the opportunity to interview Greg for the Promise Keepers Canada podcast.  In this conversation, we discuss the principles he teaches in Resurrecting Religion.

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