One Character Trait We All Need But Don’t Want To Talk About

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Imagine if you could be free from things that are holding you back, or achieve goals you always wanted to achieve. When I look at people I admire and respect the most, there seems to be one character trait they have in common. It is a character trait we all need, but the truth is we don’t want to talk about it. I don’t remember the last time I had a conversation on this subject.

In his book “Your Future Self Will Thank You”, Drew Dyck talks about how to develop the character trait of self control. Drew uses the Bible and brain science to help us cultivate self control in our lives. He argues that self control is what will help lead us to greater freedom and joy.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Drew for the Promise Keepers Canada podcast.

I believe you will learn a lot from this conversation. It will spark something in you to help you grow in developing self control in your own life.

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