Have You Ever Felt Like Giving Up?

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If you are a Christian, you have likely had moments where you felt like giving up. Maybe you wanted to give up on a relationship, a church, your own life, or even giving up on God.

I really believe this is part of the human condition. We wonder if it is all worth it and whether there is any purpose left.

In Hebrews 12:1, 2 we are shown how Jesus will help us persevere. The Christian life is a marathon race to be run and finished, and Jesus wants to help all of us do that.

I recently had the privilege of teaching from this passage of Scripture at Forward Church in Cambridge, Ontario. If you or someone you know is in a place where you could use some encouragement to keep pressing forward in life and faith – I invite you to watch and ask God to speak to your life.


  1. people who are close to us can usually see the telltale signs that there’s something wrong. IF we care, we ask. sometimes the answer is an answer of denial. my wife for example can tell when somethings happening and tell me. when people fall away like Solomon of the bible. not even GOD Himself could turn him around.the bible says “he who restores a soul is wise.”

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