A Journey from Depression to Salvation

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If you met Bayne Leong today you would believe he is one of the most secure, confident, and godly men you have ever met. I know this because I have the privilege of working with him every day. A few months ago, Bayne told me his story of going from depression to salvation.

This podcast interview is one of the most powerful stories we have ever told on the Promise Keepers Canada podcast.

Growing up in Edmonton, AB, Bayne found himself stressed out with his home life, and his identity was found in being a good kid and honours student. Eventually, he began to question the purpose of his life and started having suicidal and paranoid thoughts. As a result, he attempted suicide three times before being admitted to the hospital for mental illness.

In this podcast, Bayne candidly discusses how God literally saved his life. God revealed Himself and rescued him from mental illness – even after stubbornly and rebelliously rejecting Him. God was faithful.

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