Danny MacKay: From Car Thief to Godly Disruptor

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How does a car thief meet Jesus?  I recently had the opportunity to interview Danny MacKay to hear the story of how God transformed his life and how he is now pointing other people to Jesus.

Danny is the National Ambassador for e3 Partners in Canada, the organization behind I Am Second. He leads short-term church planting expeditions to unreached parts of the world, mobilizing and partnering with churches, ministries, artists, and ‘seconds’ who wish to advance the kingdom of God in this generation.

In this Promise Keepers Canada podcast, Danny shares examples of how we can be godly disruptors to those around us, reaching the unreached with the gospel. He also talks about how a “disruption” became a catalyst for him coming to Jesus in the most unlikely way—in the back of a stolen car.

You can hear Danny speak at upcoming Promise Keepers Canada “Disruptive” Men’s Conferences.

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