COVID-19 Is Our Chance to Shine

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We have never experienced anything like this (at least in my lifetime).  Fear is rising around the world as the stock markets crash, sporting events are shut down, and the health of millions (billions?) are at stake.  The chaos of COVID-19 is our chance to shine as followers of Jesus.  This is a global opportunity to show the rest of the world how and why we are different.

We Will Not Fear

A friend of mine took the heart of a Bible verse and wrote these words:

“For I am convinced that neither COVID-19 nor quarantine, neither the stock market crash nor the plummeting oil prices, neither the present POTUS nor the future POTUS, nor any foreign power, neither wildfires, nor hurricanes, nor tornadoes, nor anything else that can and probably will happen, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

For those who are not familiar, this is what we are taught in Romans 8:38,39.

If you are a follower of Jesus and a child of God, there is no need for fear.  Our God did not wake up today and panic because the NBA decided to put their season on hold or because our retirement savings have taken a pounding.  Our hope and confidence are in Him.  If you are facing fear, I want to encourage you to take a breath and remind yourself who is in control and who you belong to.

We Will Love

We will not fear, but we will love.  Jesus taught us the importance of loving everyone – our neighbors, fellow Christians, friends, family, strangers, and even our enemies.  COVID-19 may not impact you, but your health could affect another person. 

There are some Christians who are using “Do Not Fear” as a license to keep doing whatever they want to do in the name of being fearless.  But what if doing what you want results in you carrying a virus that gets passed on to someone else who can’t afford to get it?  Is that an act of love?  It is loving for you to wash your hands properly and, even at times, avoid contact with people. 

When we know people who are sick, we also have the chance to shine by coming to their aid.  If someone needs extra toilet paper or hand sanitizer – give them some of yours (rather than hoarding just in case you get sick).  If your community needs some extra medical space, what if we offered up our church buildings to help out?

Philippians 2:3 teaches us, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility, consider others as more important than yourselves.” 


Imagine if there was a global community of followers of Jesus who responded so differently than the rest of the world that everyone would be asking what makes us different?  Imagine the opportunity in front of us right now.  Rise up church!  COVID-19 is our chance to shine.

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  1. It is a good time to rise up and care for others, and to be brave in the midst of this fear, so that He can cast it out with His perfect love.

  2. Thank you for this clear thinking.
    Prudent, but not panicking.
    Trusting, but not presumptuous.
    Always loving.

  3. A good word for all, but especially for people who struggle with fear of the unknown. Who knows whether the COVID-19 pandemic will be a short-term or long-term reality. Regardless, let’s seize the moment to love everyone in practical ways.

  4. God bless you for telling to take the chance to shine in doing so to love our neighbors .
    May the Lord keep us close to His word and continue shining and sharing and use the opportunity to tell about the Lord to the world who need Him.

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