3 Distinct Seasons of Fatherhood

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In just a few weeks, my first book will be released.  The Seasons of Fatherhood is designed to encourage and equip you as a dad.  Your presence and influence matters more than you may know.  Statistically, you are critical in the physical, emotional, and spiritual development of your child.  Fatherhood comes with seasons to it, and your role is different in each of these seasons.

In a recent Promise Keepers Canada podcast interview, I was asked about these seasons.  Listen to this interview and begin to get a glimpse of some of the topics we will address in the book.

In order for as many men as possible to have access to this short book, we are encouraging churches, workplaces, and small groups to get the book as a special gift for men this Father’s Day.  There are bulk pricing discounts available from Promise Keepers Canada.  Click here to find out more!

The Seasons of Fatherhood has been endorsed by several Canadian Christian leaders.  Here is what some of them are saying:

The task of fathering is so important and this book is so helpful and easy to read, every dad should read it. Written from his perspective as both a father and a leader of men, Kirk shares a wealth of wisdom, anecdotes and guidance for dads and granddads. This short book will make a long impression on each one of us who engage with it. Please read this book and be the best father you can be.
– Neil Josephson, National Director of FamilyLife Canada

The Seasons of Fatherhood is an empowering guidebook for men who want to succeed as a dad. Kirk’s sage advice helps fathers recalibrate their thoughts to focus on what matters most. It is inspiring and a book every dad should read more than once.
– Terence Rolston, President of Focus on the Family Canada

Dads need this book! Whether you’ve blown it, feel overwhelmed or want to be more intentional, Seasons of Fatherhood is a quick read filled with hope, encouragement and very practical wisdom for dads at all stages of parenting.
– Dr. Steve Brown, President, Arrow Leadership and author of Leading Me: Eight Keys to a Christian Leader’s Most Important Assignment

I thoroughly enjoyed reading through Seasons of Fatherhood.  Kirk Giles is uniquely qualified to coach men on effective fathering. He combines a solid understanding of God’s truth and with personal experience as a father of four. On top of this, he’s worked closely with men for over twenty years with Promise Keepers Canada. Seasons of Fatherhood is a readable, practical manual for dads of all ages and stages. I’d pass this book on to any father I know.
– Dr. Rick Reed, President, Heritage College & Seminary

If anyone knows the heart of men it’s Kirk Giles. You know he knows men because this book is short. But seriously, in this short book Kirk shares a wealth of immensely practical, wise and godly counsel for fathers at each stage of their parenting lives. His advice not only comes from his years as a husband and father, and it not only comes from what he’s learned by speaking to men all across this country, it comes from his understanding of the bible’s teaching on the importance of godly dads. You can see on every page his heart to help men become better dads, ultimately for God’s glory. I benefited so much from reading this book. I’m going to make sure the men in my church read it, too.
– Peter Yi, Lead Pastor of City on a Hill, Toronto

The Seasons of Fatherhood provides practical steps for your most important privilege in life – being a dad. Drawing from the journey of life, Kirk offers a compelling argument in support of dads in every stage of life. His fatherhood tips provide specific “to-do” lists, which challenged me to learn and change. Be inspired as you develop from the transformational power of fatherhood!
– Rev. Dr. Lennett J. Anderson, CD, Overseer, EBC: The MEETing Place, Halifax

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